Book Review: Inside Out by Maria V Snyder

Publisher:  Harlequin
Release Date: 1 April 2010
Genre:  YA, sci-fi, dystopian
Format:  Paperback
Page Count:  315
Source: Purchased
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Inside Out is, first and foremost, a dystopian. However, it is not like the standard YA dystopian, The Hunger Games, to which it is often compared. It is similar to in execution to both City of Ember and Across the Universe. However, Snyder takes a similar concept and makes it kick ass.

Trella is a likeable character, full of spunk, daring, and sheer willpower. She’s not perfect: she has a distinct superiority complex as well as a streak of selfishness. Her flaws only make her drive harder towards her goals, though. Despite this, she is still an optimist about her future and the future of her massive downtrodden family.

The novel follows Trella as she investigates the rigidly structured Inside: what appears to be a huge cube that people live inside, separated into levels of ‘uppers’ (blue-eyed workers that control everything) and ‘scrubs’, the brown-eyed people trapped in the lower levels and forced into ten hour shifts of cleaning for the rest of their lives.

Is Inside buried deep underground? It is a space station because the Earth has become uninhabitable? I made my guess early on, and I am pleased to say I was right.

Most of the novel consists of unwrapping mysteries: discovering traitors and allies, solving puzzles, making plans for the future. I really enjoyed the storytelling because of Trella’s experiences. She wasn’t paranoid, but she was suitably suspicious. Scrubs are managed by the uppers so that they do not cultivate close friendships and alliances. It was interesting seeing Trella, our loner ‘Queen of the Pipes’ slowly grow to trust and even love others.

And Cog. Need I even mention? I LOVE COG. He was great, a real powerhouse of strength to Trella. With a completely plutonic relationship, this is the kind of relationship I want to see more of.

I also own Inside Out and look forward to diving into this book as well, to read the rest of Trella’s story. And can I just say, that ending was by far the best I have come across in any dystopian novel.

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