Mini Review: I Could Pee On This by Francesco Marciuliano

I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by CatsPublisher: Chronicle Books
Publishing Date: August 15 2012
Genre: Poetry, Humour
Format: Hardcover
Page count: 112

My rating:

5 of 5 hearts

This little book of poetry delighted me. I mean, it’s written by cats! How awesome is that? We are treated to such gems as ‘I Lick Your Nose,’ ‘Some of My Best Friends Are Dogs’ and ‘That Top Shelf’. It’s way too cute! And it has pictures as well! Even though this book was priced just as high as the full-length novels I usually buy, I just couldn’t help myself.

True, after a while the poems got a bit formulaic. They started out all cute, thoughtful, or deep, and then right at the end there would come a twist to turn it to humour. It doesn’t diminish the sheer awesomeness packed into 112 pages of cats, cats, and more cats. If you like cats or humour or hell even poetry, you’ll like this.

Allow me to share my favourite, titled ‘Busy, Busy’:

It’s 8am and time to rest
It’s 10am and time to relax
It’s noon and time for repose
It’s 3pm and time for shut-eye
It’s 6pm and time for siesta
It’s 9pm and time for slumber
It’s midnight and time to snooze
It’s 4am and time to hang upside down
from your bedroom ceiling, screaming


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