Book Blogger Confessions #3

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This week’s confession:

Giving thanks: Is there a book that you are thankful you have read?  Maybe it has changed your life in a small or even a large way, or made you see things in a different perspective.

Oh, gosh. I have to remember stuff? There’s a reason I write my review immediately upon finishing the book.

I think the most important book I am thankful to have read is probably Animal Farm by George Orwell. I know it’s a huge analogy for what was going on in Russia at the time but the fact is that history repeats itself and I can easily see this happening again (and again and again). Fiction novels like this make you think about the world at large, how things interact and respond and the way humans and their minds work, even if it’s using animals on a farm in the place of the world. Sure, the parallels will be lost on a lot of people, and I for one have never been a history buff so I probably don’t understand it as well as I should, but for the most part I do.

Animal Farm is the novel to read to help understand that the more things change the more they stay the same and history repeats itself. I would probably not have picked this up as a teen given the choice but I am very thankful it was required reading for my school.


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