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This week’s topic:

Do reviews often influence your book choices, or are you someone who doesn’t read reviews until after reading the book?

Reviews do influence my book choices. Both negative reviews and positive reviews influence me. I might read a negative review that scathingly rips the entire novel apart but mentions several things that interest me, and therefore that scathing, snark-filled review leads me to wanting to read that book for pure enjoyment. I might also read a positive review that mentions several things I find distasteful and decide not to read that book. More often it’s a positive review that leads a book to my to-reads shelf or a negative review that makes me remove a book I was more ambivalent about.

I do try to read reviews of books before I buy them, but sometimes it is hard when you’re in the middle of a shop and you’ve fallen in love with the cover and blurb and first page and bought it without checking in on your friends’ opinions. I’ve done that, then gone to check out reviews and found them lacking. It makes me nervous to read those books I so lovingly purchased.

I do not read reviews of sequels until after I’ve read the book, because sequel reviews often give away spoilers for the first book. But I do use reviews of first books or stand-alones to help me decide which books to purchase/read.

What about you? Do reviews influence which books you read or are they strictly for afterwards?

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