Let’s Talk: Book Smuggling (9)

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This week’s topic:

Do you hide your book purchases from your significant other/parents/children/pet/old lady down the street?

I don’t hide my book purchases. In fact, according to my husband, I don’t buy enough books. He’s always encouraging me to buy more. Any time I say, “I’m thinking of buying this book,” he’ll say, “Go on, then.” He’s always trying to buy me a new book, but he’s not sure what I have or what I want. I’m being stricter on my purchases and if my local library has it I try not to buy it, so I have to actively encourage him not to buy me books.

I guess I’m rather lucky that way.

When I lived with my parents, however, it was a different matter. My mother is the kind of person who doesn’t approve of spending any money on luxuries, and books fall under that category.

But in any case, my mother is a casual reader. I never had to hide books from her if I bought them in her presence. However I did once buy up a big bunch, about $200 worth, after not buying anything for over a year. This lot I did smuggle in. I brought them in a few at a time in my school bag, from storing them in my car. I hid them in my wardrobe, then transferred them slowly to my bookshelf. To this day I don’t think she noticed anything.

What about you? What book smuggling stories would you like to share?


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