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This week’s topic:

Do you need romance in your books to read them? If not, what else “hooks” you?

I really, really do not need romance in my books. Romance is a bonus – or in some cases it ruins a perfectly good book. Romances can get in the way of plot – unless of course, the book is a romance where the relationship is point of the plot. I don’t need romance, but sometimes I do enjoy it and sometimes I feel like I want to read a book with a bit of romance in it. I’m wary, see, of all those ‘hot’ boys that are actually undesirable being written as romantic instead of the jerkoff douche controlling manipulating dickwads they really are. But have you any idea how hard it is to find YA books with NO romance?

About as hard as it is to find a picture of someone who doesn’t want to be kissed romantically.

The biggest thing that hooks me in a book is beautiful writing. However, this can backfire, as it did in the case of Jay Kristoff’s Stormdancer, which had some of the best descriptions ever. I had absolutely no response to anything that happened in that book, found the whole thing boring and had no interest in any of the characters, but – get this – I would read excerpts of the beautiful writing out to my long-suffering husband (who’d already read it). So first of all, a book needs to have beautiful writing. It also needs to have that X Factor I can’t describe – the unputdownable quality that led me to falling in love with big name successful series like The Hunger Games. I don’t even have to like the main character (Before I Fall), but I do have to be able to read without getting a headache from errors of having my inner editor (did I mention I’m actually trained in editing?) yelling corrections, or re-writing the book in my head. Some books gel and others don’t.

What about you? What kind of things hook you into a book?


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