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This week’s topic:

What social media sites/tools do you frequently use? Which ones do you avoid and why?

The biggest and best social media site I use is Goodreads. It’s a book cataloguing site crossed with social media, so you’re surrounded by bookish people and all those awesome things you have in common, like reading, writing, reviewing, falling in love with characters, crying over characters, getting excited about upcoming releases… it’s awesome. It’s totally the best site in the world. I use it more than Facebook.

Sure, there are times when it sucks and you come across some drama or other – mostly butthurt authors whingeing about how they’ve been mistreated or bullied on the site because someone dared to give their book less than five stars or even – shock horror! – decided not to read that book. But if you ignore the drama – which isn’t hard to do, unless you’ve personally been targeted by an author (and unfortunately, a lot of my friends have), then it’s a wonderful place to discover new books and make friends with people who have similar tastes (or not, if that’s your thing) and find recommendations and did I mention that’s how I discovered like ALL of my favourite books?

I also use Facebook – barely – and Twitter. I use my automatic updates to send my Goodreads feed to Twitter because I’m afraid it will be a timesuck if I go on there for reals. My Facebook page automatically updates from my blog, which is a pretty neat idea.

I tried to get into LibraryThing but it’s not as great as Goodreads. I’m not very interested in Shelfari because I hear you have to sign in with your Amazon account and I share mine with my husband.

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What about you? What social media sites do you use?


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