Book Review: Entasy by Brynn Myers

Entasy (Prophecies of The Nine, #0.5)

Publisher: Amber Leaf Publishing
Publishing Date:  June 19 2012
Genre: Adult, Paranormal
Format: e-book

My rating:

4 of 5 hearts

Entasy is a prequel to Brynn Meyer’s forthcoming adult fantasy novel Redemption, and although it’s probably not something I’d normally pick up unprompted, Brynn sent me a copy to see if I’d like her writing because I’d expressed an interest in Redemption. This is my honest review.

Entasy takes place in modern-day New York, with our heroine, Kylah, a Broadway costume designer, struggling against the overwhelming control and protection her two elder brother have placer her under. She doesn’t ask why they are so protective, that’s just the way they are, ever since their parents died some years before. Kylah starts dreaming about a sexy man and during her waking hours realises she’s being followed, so her brother’s overprotectiveness comes in use when they assign her a bodyguard, some shenanigans happen (not with the bodyguard, although he sure was a sweet heart) and then Kylah’s memories are given back to her to reveal that TAH-DAH! She’s actually a goddess.

This book takes an unnecessary turn at the point of view of two other characters, both of which I found superfluous. The ‘big’ secrets they revealed could have easily been incorporated into Kylah’s point of view. We only get one chapter from one point of view anyway, so it seemed like a waste. I think it would have been better to stick to Kylah’s point of view, also considering it’s a novella.

I liked Kylah – mostly. She reacted weirdly to dangerous situations… like WALKING RIGHT INTO THEM. La di dah. And then NOT telling people when Big Deal Shit Happened. I get that it helps plot but I still find it frustrating when characters do that! I really liked the contemporary parts of the book, but when the supernatural parts came into play the writing style seemed to change and get choppy and rushed. It may have been intentional, because Kylah’s pretty screwed up anyway, and her emotions get the best of her thinking logically, but I personally prefer a smoother writing style. It’s not enough to turn me off Redemption, though.

At the end of the novella I wasn’t entirely satisfied. I understand that Kylah’s memories were taken to protect her, but exactly how it would protect her wasn’t explained to me. She already seemed pretty kick-arse to me and I didn’t really like seeing her treated the way the other characters treated her: like a broken little girl, not an immortal woman. I was also very confused that a twenty-eight (I think, I didn’t make a note of her age) year old had been in hiding for two hundred years. Was it a Groundhog Day kind of existence, when she got a particular age it reset itself? Did she stay in her twenties for the whole two hundred years? And if so, how did she not notice herself not ageing? So yeah, that part confused me.

However I did enjoy Kylah’s unveiling, and I look forward to her being kick arse, destructive and passionate in Redemption. Aerric, though his part was very small, seemed to feel very deeply for her and I look forward to seeing more of their relationship.

A review copy was kindly provided by the author.

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