Book Blogger Confessions #11: Blog Layout

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It’s where book bloggers “confess” and vent about topics that are unique to us.
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This week’s confession:

What is important in design for the blogs you follow? What features/elements do you appreciate? What are big turn off’s?

I like simple blogs. Nothing loud or over the top or what screams LOOK AT ME. I like elegance and simplicity. I even have a preference for right sidebars… I’m totally jealous of blogs that get to use Javascript, because as a blog, I don’t. I’m jealous of anything that moves, that’s not just static, like my blog is. I’ve considered hosting my own blog, but I really like the way this one looks…

I like the ability to look at recent posts, popular posts, and an easy way to navigate to old posts in case you’re looking up something you forgot everything about it except roughly the time it was published.

I also like to see which posts are the most popular, and which ones get the most interactions.

I also like blogs that people have actually put effort into. not just in content, but one thing I’m biased about is if there’s a header image, is it the one that came with the theme, or has the blogger tried to put more of their own personality into the blog?

Big turn offs? CLUTTER. And stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into its post and sidebar. A lot of Blogger blogs fall prey to this. Also, a list of stupid blog awards in the sidebar. Like I care about that?

But hey, it’s YOUR blog and you can do whatever the hell you want. Want to clutter up your sidebars with useless ‘awards’? I don’t care, and I probably won’t come back. Doesn’t mean it affects you. Do whatever the hell you want with your own blog.


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