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This week’s topic:

Are too many books being made into movies?

In a simple word: no.

Films are great. Books are great. But many more people watch films than read books. The film industry has a bigger turnaround than the book industry. And last but not least – sometimes films make people buy books. And that’s a good thing.

Consider Twilight. Yes, it was doing moderately OK before it was picked up for a film. But then the Twihards ABSOLUTELY FREAKED and the hype was everywhere and the films fed the hype into the books fed the hype into the films and dear god, there were so many sparkles.

Consider Harry Potter. Another series that was doing OK before the films. But then the films came along and everyone except my best friend jumped on the bandwagon and damn near broke the thing. Midnight releases, cosplaying at film screenings, and J K Rowling became richer than the Queen.

And I mean, when I was a kid (all those years ago) the best thing in the world would be when they turned a book you loved into a movie. It gave us a sense of gratification, that our ‘thing’ was awesome enough to expand into other mediums.

The film helps feed the hype back into the book, is my point. And considering the film industry is stagnant and can’t think up original ideas anymore (or if they do they backfire painfully), and every film is a remake or a reboot or an adaptation of some kind, then by all means go ahead, take the books I love and turn them into films. At least we’d be watching something good.


Well, you can’t win everything.

What about you? Do you think too many books are being made into films?


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