Let’s Talk: Juggling Families and Book Blogging (17)

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This week’s topic:

Does your family approve of blogging and reading so much? How do you compromise when they object?

My family (being my husband and our kitten) approve very much of my reading and blogging so much. My husband actively encourages me to buy books (even now that we are on a tighter budget), and he’s always recommending books he loves and pointing out books he thinks I’ll love  and wanting to talk about books, and generally being a giant sweetheart about it all. I’m very lucky. He didn’t even complain when we had to move several of our loaded bookshelves over by about a foot to fit a new one in. He’s never complained about how many books we have and because he’s a reader too, he’ll often be the first one to suggest going to bed early to read. Sometimes when I get up in the morning for work I catch him reading in bed as well. Seriously, what more could a girl want?

As for the kitten, he likes my lap, which is readily available when I am reading. So I get no complaints from him, either, so long as I stroke him or rub his belly occasionally.

No one else outside of my family knows I run this blog, so therefore no one complains about my blogging. I’ve been a big reader my whole life, so it’s not out of the ordinary for me to prefer to read rather than watch a film, for example. In fact, I don’t think anyone has ever objected to the amount that I read (except my mother, but that’s a whole other issue and will be appearing in Monday’s blog post).

What about you? How does your family react to reading and blogging so much?


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