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This week’s topic:

Do you have pets? Are they your cuddle-buddies when you’re reading? Share the pet love! 

I have two kittens. I know, you’re all jealous. Bite me.

Our short hair boy is seven months old and past his teething. Our long hair girl is six months old and hasn’t started teething yet. Both are so adorable and sweet.

Our first kitten, the Prince, loves to sleep with me on the bed, right up next to me and often on my chest. Before his daddy started working full time again (he was off work due to an injury) they had a lot of bonding time together while I, his mummy, was off working. Even though I’m the one who was desperate for a kitten, Daddy was the one to suggest as soon as we moved into a pet-friendly house to go and get him a week later.

He absolutely loves cuddles and playing with his foil balls (rather than the more expensive toys we bought him), and he absolutely loves strangers, especially women. He is perfectly content to be picked up by a stranger and has been known to demand cuddles from a stranger the instant they sit down.

When we decided to get a kitten, we went to the local cat shelter. Daddy convinced me to look at the kittens first, and our kitten immediately took a liking to me, following me around the enclosure, purring like mad and snuggling close into cuddles. Some cats push you away when you try to cuddle them, but he wanted to get closer. He was a short-haired male, which I didn’t expect to fall in love with, but I did. Daddy convinced me he was the one because he followed me. I still wanted to look at some girl kittens, but after two of them pushed me away when I picked them up, I realised the little boy was mine.

He settled in so quickly that he jumped up on my lap and fell asleep on me the first night. Even now, months later, the only time he stops purring is when he’s asleep. He just purrs all the time. He’s so happy with us, and we adore him.

When Daddy was still working part time due to his injury, he told me our kitten would prick his ears up and meow when he heard me coming home, then run to say hello to me. And it’s true, he’s very friendly and always greets us when we come home. He comes when he’s called, too.

Our little girl we only got a short while ago when we realised the Prince was getting lonely what with both his parents working full time. We were super lucky to find the Princess because she had only just been surrendered to the shelter and had her de-sexing operation. She climbed up Daddy’s leg and because I’ve always had a thing for long-haired cats, and because she purred like crazy and snuggled into cuddles and was generally very smoochy, we knew we’d found our little Princess.

The Princess is even more laid back than the Prince, which I didn’t think was possible. He of course was not impressed we brought another cat into his territory and for the first few days he hissed and growled whenever she came near. She is friendly and wanted to play with him. Although there is barely an age difference between them, he is clearly a lot bigger than her and could bop her about quite nastily if he wanted to, so we supervised them very closely as they got to know each other.

Sometimes they both settle on my lap and it’s one of the best feelings in the world. When I blog at home, the Princess crawls onto my lap and demands cuddles. It’s all very affirming and awesome.

OK, enough chatter. Wanna see a pic?

<pic removed for privacy reasons>


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8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Pets! (20)

    1. Nemo

      Adoption was the only option for us. We don’t believe in buying pets from pet shops and for our first cats we wanted shelter cats, not just because we can’t afford the money for a pedigree breed from a certified breeder, but because shelter cats are well socialised and have all their shots and are desexed and everything for a price we can afford.

    1. Nemo

      Ha ha no. The Prince did not like his territory being invaded and was aggressive towards the Princess for about three days. But on the third night they both slept on our bed with no grumbles. Before that, my husband and I took turns sleeping in the spare bedroom with the Princess because the Prince was growling and hissing, despite her wanting to be friendly to him. But they get along fine now and will even share a lap!

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