Let’s Talk: Freebies (21)

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This week’s topic:

Do you take advantage of Freebies? or Do you think Freebies are a good selling tool for authors and publishers?

Do I take advantage of freebies? HELL TO THE YES.

It’s not that I’m stingey, it’s just that come on, FREE BOOKS.

I love to download books for free on my Kindle. That’s why the Kindle Lending Library and Kindle Select are so cool, because you can borrow a book or even download it for free if the author decides to have a free promotional period.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve downloaded plenty of free books – books that are permanently free or even just temporary. I think they’re a fantastic way to get readers who aren’t sure if they want to invest in you to try your writing out. Even if you have several books for sale and only one of them is free, that can be enough encouragement to get them reading your work. If they like it enough, they might purchase your other books.

Some authors are clever enough to have the first book in a series free and the others at a set price. That’s clever. It pulls you in.

At first I felt a bit bad because I was waiting until some authors gave away their books but then I came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t stealing or illegally downloading or even file sharing, I was just waiting until they legally gave away their books for free. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If the author didn’t want us to get their book for free (legally) they wouldn’t offer it. It’s not like I’m taking a copy without their knowledge.

So yeah. I like free books. Do you?


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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Freebies (21)

  1. creativedeeds

    Exactly how I feel! I think offering the first book in a series is a great selling tool. It doesn’t even have to be a full length book. I’m much more apt to pick up a prequel novella if it’s free than if it’s even a couple of dollars. I also used to feel guilty, but then I realized, like you, that I wasn’t ‘stealing.’

    1. Nemo

      I think I’m more apt to chose a free novella over a free novel. It’s less of a time investment in something if you’re not sure of it.

  2. Karen

    The series freebies are the best. I’ve been introduced to so many new series that way. And it’s a win for the author because I go on to buy the rest.

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