Book Blogger Confessions: Co-Blogging #15

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This week’s confession:

Have you added or considered adding additional reviewers to your blog? Why or why not? If you have, please share how you found the right match when bringing new people to your established blog. Did you encounter any problems?

I have an occasional contributer that is willing to review books I don’t want to read from authors who directly approach me. See the thing is, in the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting contacted more and more regularly from authors who want me to read and review their book. Sometimes the book doesn’t appeal to me, but it will excite my husband, whom I tell practically everything.

“Another author wants me to review their book! Oh, but I’m not sure about this one…”

“Oh? What’s it about?”


“Sign me up!”

He has taken the non de plume Masterpassiongreed to review books on the Moonlight Library. It’s a good arrangement because he doesn’t have a book review blog of his own but he is a voracious book reader. It also means I can take books I wouldn’t normally read, and now my husband and I can share another interest. He won’t be doing it regularly – in fact, we’ve only got one book for him to do so far and possibly another in the future. But it’s nice to have that option there. At this rate there’s bound to be more coming in.

Basically we won’t have any issues because it’s still my blog. I’m till doing 99% of the content. This is just an option for him to have some input in stuff I wouldn’t read anyway.

Other than this, I’m handling the content. I’m handling posting 5-7 posts a week. I normally post at least a week in advance, because I’m very organised.

On the other side I do see how much fun co-blogging could be, and it would certainly take a lot of the responsibility from me having to come up with 5-7 posts a week, but I would not want to have to rely on someone else to get things done without knowing if I can fully trust them to deliver. I have seen co-bloggings fail miserably when one takes up the slack of the other. I could probably only co-blog with someone I consider one of my best friends, and someone who I see in real life, but hardly any of my real life friends read let alone write reviews or even know book review blogs exist. This is why having my husband as an occassional contributor will work so well, because he IS my best friend, and I DO see him in real life, and he DOES read and knows what a book review blog is.

I think if I start to fail miserably with keeping up with my content, then I might have to look into co-blogging. But considering I’ve basically got the plan for this blog down for all of 2013 I don’t see that happening any time soon!


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