Project Animorphs: Book #24 The Suspicion

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The Suspicion (Animorphs, #24)

Book 24: The Suspicion

Publishing Date: December 1998

Narrator: Cassie

My rating:

2 of 5 hearts

The Animorphs are attacked by a race of annoyingly egotistical miniature aliens after the blue box – the Escafil Device – the morphing cube – and Cassie and Marco are shrunk to approximately one sixteenth of an inch. Which according to Google is roughly 1.5 millimetres. As in milli. The aliens are called the Helmacrons and they are officially the most annoying stupidest annoying aliens in the Animorphs universe. Did I mention annoying?

OK let’s be clear here. This book sucks. Not because of the writing or the characters because we all know they are totally awesome. But because the aliens are infuriating and the plot is a little weird. The Helmacrons seem to think they are the dominant species of the galaxy and want to shrink everyone to their size and then take over the world or something. They abduct Marco and Cassie for no reason and Cassie spends way too much time telling us how amazing it is to be so tiny and so strong and how huge everything is in comparison.

It’s probably a really good technique for a kid reading the book, but I’m not a kid anymore. And there’s only so many times Cassie can whoop me over the head about how tiny she is. Although Marco is as funny as ever because THANK GOD, Cassie isn’t. Conveniently, thought-speaking Tobias is also shrunk, and he can play a ‘translator’ of sorts.

It seems to be a trend in Cassie books that she comes up with the plan to save everyone in the end. On the plus side, we don’t get much moralising from her in this novel. She’s too busy telling us how tiny she is.

Also, nothing in this book is suspicious. This is the first title not to make sense. But the cover is pretty.

So basically this book is non-essential. The most amusing part is when Visser Three also get shrunk, and offers a tentative alliance with the Animorphs to attack the Helmacrons. Of course, he change his psychopathic mind about two seconds later.

Join me for a review of #25: The Extreme next week!


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