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Harlequin was doing this offer where if you answer a Facebook survey you get a $25 voucher for their website… so I ‘bought’

Spellbound (Spellbound, #1)

What’s a girl to do when meeting the one’ means she’s cursed to die a horrible death? 

Life hasn’t been easy on sixteen-year-old Emma Connor, so a new start in New York may be just the change she needs. But her new posh Upper East Side prep school? Not so much. Friendly faces are few and far between, except for one that she’s irresistibly drawn to — Brendan Salinger, the guy with the rock-star good looks, who is also the richest kid in school.

Even when Brendan inexplicably turns cold, Emma can’t stop staring. Ever since she laid eyes on him, strange things have been happening. Streetlamps shatter whenever she walks by, and Emma’s been having the oddest dreams. Visions of herself in past lives — visions that warn her to stay away from Brendan. Or else…

I really liked to look of the sequel, Spellcaster, but i figured I should read the first book first…

Here Lies Bridget

Bridget Duke is the uncontested ruler of her school. The meanest girl with the biggest secret insecurities. But when new girl Anna Judge arrives, things start to fall apart for Bridget — her friends don’t worship her as attentively, teachers don’t fall for Bridget’s wide-eyed ‘who me?’ look, and the one boy she’s always loved, Liam Ward, can barely even look at her.

When a desperate Bridget drives too fast and crashes her car, she ends up in limbo — facing everyone she’s wronged. Though she might end up dead, Bridget has one last shot at redemption and to right the wrongs she’s inflicted on the people who mean the most to her.

But Bridget’s about to learn that sometimes, saying you’re sorry just isn’t enough…

I love mean girl stories and I loved Paige Harbison’s New Girl, and have been actively looking to acquire this book (her debut) for some time.


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20 thoughts on “Stacking The Shelves (38)

  1. readerswonderland

    Spellbound looks so good… I love the sound of Here Lies Bridget too. Enjoy reading your new books and thanks for stopping by my StS!

  2. Merin

    I really want to read Spellbound. I look at it practically every single time I browse the YA shelves at my library.

    1. Nemo

      I love mean girl stories so I think Here Lies Bridget should be quite good for me. Thanks for stopping by!

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