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Stacking The Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.
It’s all about sharing the books we’ve picked up for the week, whether they are bought, borrowed, gifted, galleys, physical or virtual.
Share your shelves and remember to visit Tynga’s Reviews where it all started to find more great books!


Sensation: A Superhero Novel

Like millions of other kids, Jim grew up wanting to be a superhero. Unlike most of his contemporaries, however, Jim actually had the goods: a plethora of super powers that would have been the envy of any meta on the planet. But when his tryout with the Alpha League – the world’s premiere group of supers – goes disastrously wrong, Jim basically becomes an outcast.

Two years later, Jim is still bitter about what happened to him. However, he soon finds himself the centerpiece in an odd turn of events that gives him a second chance at his dream. But nothing is as easy as it sounds, as Jim soon discovers. Among other things, he’s made an enemy of a prospective super teammate, he’s being stalked by an unknown pursuer, and a shadowy cabal bent on world domination has identified him as the only obstacle to their plans.

It’s a lot for one super to handle, even with a smorgasbord of abilities. But if saving the world were easy, everyone would do it…

ISN’T THIS COVER AMAZING? I have wanted to read a good superhero novel since forever. When Kevin first contacted me, I said I wouldn’t read an unedited novel, so the superstar went off and got his book professionally edited. Now that’s dedication! What a legend!



Gwen Reaper

Sometimes small towns and their secrets are better left alone.

Even after moving from the big city to a small town, Scott still has it all. He’s got a starting spot as a defensive safety on his high school football team, good grades, an almost new SUV, and his choice of a host of cute girls to date. Then Gwen catches his eye, and everything gets strange fast. Suddenly, people start doubting his judgment, warning him to stay away from the attractive, yet painfully shy girl with the dark past; a girl nobody likes. But Scott was a stubborn guy who didn’t take no for an answer.

Read what happens when things go from strange to worse!

Gwen Reaper…a paranormal romance with a dark edge that cuts deep.

A friend of mine on Goodreads added this and I was instantly attracted to the cover as well as the fact that it won the Paranormal Romance Guild’s Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Young Adult Novel of 2012. It’s free for the Kindle so I thought, why not? Although wouldn’t it look AMAZING in paperback?


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