Let’s Talk: Film Adaptations (27)

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Let’s Talk is a meme hosted by Melissa at I Swim For Oceans.
It’s guided discussion on anything and everything to do with books and more!
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This week’s topic:

If you could make any book into a TV series or movie, which would you choose and why?

Originally I would have answered this question with either the Vampire Academy series or the Graceling Realms series.

But seeing as how they are currently filming Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, and Graceling is heading that way as well (The Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones, apparently), I’m a bit stumped.

I think I’d have to say Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, one of my absolute favourite books ever, would make the most amazing film. It’s Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day.

Equally, my other favourite stand-alone novel is Entwined by Heather Dixon, which I think would make an amazing animated mini-series (six episodes or so). BECAUSE PRINCESSES, YO. Dixon is already a professional animater, so maybe we’ll see that in the future.

azalea bramble clover


BRB, need to print out these paper dolls.


NOT by Heather Dixon as far as I am aware.

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Film Adaptations (27)

  1. Melissa (i swim for oceans)

    Oh, yes! I think that Before I Fall would be SUCH an amazing movie! I think that’s one that, if done well, could really, really convince me there’s hope for adaptations. Thanks for linking up this week, doll! 🙂

    1. Nemo

      Oh yes, I actually just read the novel over the weekend because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It would be SO GOOD as a film.

  2. Belle

    Beautiful illos! And Before I Fall is Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day? How have I not read that yet? Best combo ever.

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