Let’s Talk: Fall/Winter 2013 Books I’m Looking Forward To (30)

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This week’s topic:

What fall/winter 2013 books are you most looking forward to?

The Falconer (The Falconer, #1)

Perfect Ruin (Internment Chronicles, #1)


Never Fade (The Darkest Minds, #2)

Taste of Darkness (Healer, #3)

Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That HappenedWow, that is one good looking batch of covers. SWOON!



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8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Fall/Winter 2013 Books I’m Looking Forward To (30)

  1. Kara @ Great Imaginations

    I am very much looking forward to Perfect Ruin and The Falconer and Never Fade. I wish I could say I was excited about the Maria V. Snyder, and I sort of am, but the last book was a pretty big letdown with that ending.

    1. Nemo

      I know a lot of people didn’t like that ending, but I was just like, ‘meh, when’s the next one coming out?’ Cliffhangers don’t faze me, I think because I read the whole Animorphs series and then had THAT ENDING…

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