Project Animorphs: Book #35 The Proposal

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The Proposal (Animorphs, #35)

Book 35: The Proposal

Publishing Date: November 1999

Narrator: Marco

My rating:

3 of 5 hearts

Marco’s dad is getting remarried, and our favourite resident comedian’s not coping with the stress. To make matters worse, a popular TV personality who promotes the Sharing on air is about to get promoted to a national audience. Marco’s losing control of his morphing, and they have to discredit this Controller without revealing the Animorphs’s biggest secret.

This book is one of the ones that doesn’t make much sense. Apparently the stress Marco is feeling over his dad remarrying while his mother may not be dead is the tipping point in a subversive guerrilla war waged against an intergalactic army. Apparently it’s the tipping point. Because you know, it’s not like the other Animorphs have anything to stress out about. You know, Cassie being a pacifist forced into a war, Jake the jock turning into General Patton, Rachel struggling with the psychopath inside, Tobias trapped in morph and Ax being the only Andalite within a trillion miles and all that.

But no. Apparently Marco’s the most emotionally unstable, and it’s not because of the war, or finding out his dead mother is actually alive, or having to set up his mother to die, or that he’s killed people.

And the way the Animorphs manage to defeat the Yeerk destined for TV stardom?

Annoying him with a poodle morph. Annoying him to the point of driving him crazy.

And what’s worse?

The plan works. Cassie spends the entire novel being Marco’s psychologist, but when it comes down to it, Jake snaps at him to ‘deal’ with him problems, and he does. Because he can either wallow in self-pity, as Cassie was letting him do, or he can find the funny side of it, and deal.

Although this is a well-written novel and certainly isn’t the worst one written, the most important thing about this novel happens on the final page. And it’s only important because it ties into the next Chronicles, VIsser.

Join me for a review of Visser soon!


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