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Day 03 – Your favourite series

My favourite book series (that is more than a trilogy, and with publication complete) is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, a yound adult series about good vampires, bad vampires, and half-vampires.

I don’t even like vampire books. Supposedly.

It’s my favourite series because I really like the characters. I don’t really identify with Rose the dahmpir (half vampire), who’s this super-hot, reckless, irresponsible best friend of Princess Lissa the Morio (full vampire). But I do like watching her. I like her reactions, and her passion, and the way she deals with things – feet first. It’s so unlike me that I enjoy this world and people so different than what I can ever experience.

The focus is less on the boarding school/orphanage aspect and more on the relationship aspect between Rose and Lissa, and Rose’s relationship with her hot mentor, Dimitri. Sure,the romance is a bit icky (Dimitri’s 24) but Rose is pretty awesome, even if a lot of other people don’t like her because they think she is vain.

I love that Mead actually took real myths and legends and used them as inspiration for her own worldbuilding. i like that no one freaking sparkles, but the Moroi are mortal vampires and the Strigoi (bad guys) are evil, soulles, and immortal because of that evil soulless-ness. I love the politics in the high school and then later on the Court as the Moroi run scared from the Strigoi and force the dhampirs into harm’s way to protect their way of life rather than evolve with the times.

I like this series so much that I followed it to its spin-off Bloodlines, which was about Sydney, the boring, studious human character who is more like me than I like to think about.

Also, there’s a film coming out on Valentine’s Day next year. Guess where I’ll be dragging my husband?

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)

ヴァンパイアアカデミー (Vampire Academy, #1)

What is your favourite book series?

Have you read any of Richelle Mead’s other books?

Are there any YA books-turned-film you’re looking forward to?


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  1. Tanya Patrice

    Agreed!!! Vampire Academy was a truly fantastic series. I was so happy the books were already out by the time I started reading them, so I didn’t have to wait a year and a day for the next book 🙂

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