My Favourite Book from My Favourite Series (04)

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Day 04 – Your favourite book from your favourite series

My favourite series is Vampire Academy, and my favourite book from that series is the title book Vampire Academy.

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)

It’s my favourite book from my favourite series because I was so blown away when I first read it. It had everything I like in a book: princesses, magic, strong female friendship, boarding schools, Mean Girls, a sassy smart-mouth lead, and with a bonus it even had a romance with an unexpected trope-defying adult male (as opposed to teen), tall, and god-like and Russian. I do like the other books from the series as well but the first one was simply so unexpected.

I absolutely cannot wait for the film adaptation. The trailer looks kind of dodgy (some of the people look a little weird with their fake teeth!!), but the source material is awesome.

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What is your favourite book from your favourite series?

What do you think of the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters trailer?

What is your favourite YA book-turned-film adaptation?


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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Book from My Favourite Series (04)

  1. nikihawkes

    Blood Promise (book 4) is when I knew Mead was my favorite author and solidified the Vampire Academy in my top three favorite series of all time (sometimes it’s number one, it changes with my mood… I will say I think I liked the Succubus series even more, if that’s possible).

    the movie trailer has me a bit torn… I was expecting something sort of like the Vampire Diaries (my favorite show) and feel like the trailer was a bit… cheesy. I will reserve judgment and tell the opening day of the movie, however, because I will be with the masses waiting in line to see at first.

    I think my favorite film adaptation is hunger games. I saw it several months after it came out on DVD, and wish I had gone and seen in the theater. I thought they did a great job capturing the essence of the story, and especially liked how they integrated scenes from the capitol during the games. What was yours?

    1. Nemo

      My favourite film adaptations would have to be Lord of the Rings because I didn’t like the books but loved the films (blasphemy, I know!) and surprisingly I really liked the New Moon adaptation. I think it was faithful to the book but also brilliantly transferred itself to the film medium.

      I also loved in The Hunger Games how they integrated outside scenes during the Games, and especially the President Snow/Seneca scenes. Seneca’s not even in the book, and I think his inclusion in the film was brilliant.

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