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This week’s topic:

What sort of social media do you use to promote your blog, or what do you wish you knew more about so you could?

I don’t really promote my blog. I kind of let it ‘just be’. Which is, you know, why it’s still so small even after a year of posting almost every day.

The social media I use the most is Goodreads. Let’s face it, it’s social media. It’s Facebook for book geeks. I’ve made the most wonderful friends and experienced the worst heartache when one of those beautiful people passed away earlier this year. I’ve discovered my favourite books and also discovered authors I’d rather not support and therefore will not be reading their books. I’ve met authors and received books from them, other bloggers, you name it. It’s a wonderful place.

I also have my blog feed linked up to my Facebook page and my Twitter. I don’t really use Facebook so that’s just an automatic feed. Twitter also has my Goodreads feed linked, and although I do check Twitter every day, I don’t post very much. I do a lot of lurking, which is kind of counter-productive since Twitter is as much about tweeting your own crap as reading other people’s. I have this fear that I’m not interesting or witty enough and no one cares about what I have to say, which is why I spend most of my time on my blog crying because no one cares, even after all this work I’ve put into it.

I’ve got a Bloglovin feed but I really don’t know anything about it. I also have a Tumblr which is basically a mirror of my blog, so although my follower count is rising steadily (mostly due to the fantastic Animorphs fandom) I don’t actually interact that much on it. Unfortunately I just really don’t have the time to dedicate more to social media. I barely have time to read these days, let alone put my energy into self promotion.


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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Social Media (32)

  1. Fly to the Sky

    You should so start tweeting! Seriously I tweet the randomest things and no one really seems to care! And if you ever need anyone to tweet feel free to tweet me!! I love twitter!! 🙂
    What’s sad is I have no idea how to use Facebook and I think it’s really kind of stupid!
    I totally get the whole promoting about your blog thing! The only way I EVER promote is through twitter! Great post and nice disscussion!!

  2. Book Blather

    Goodreads = social media for Geeks, love that! 🙂 I’m on Twitter, but mostly for myself not my blog, and I know nothing about P Interest, or Tumblr but I’d like to. 🙂

    1. Nemo

      I’m not really into Pinterest, I think it’s far too visual for something that’s language-based. Tumblr’s Ok, some people host their blogs there, but I find it more suitable for the fandoms rather than trying to promote a blog.

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