Top Ten Books I Would Love To See As A Movie/TV Show (49)

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This week’s list:

Top Ten Books I Would Love To See As A Movie/TV Show

 (set in a perfect world…in which movies don’t butcher the books we love.)

Before I Fall

Mean Girls meets Groundhog Day. This needs to be turned into a film.


12 Dancing Princesses retelling. Disney would handle this really well. Light and fluffy!

Poison Study (Study, #1)

With the current trend of YA lit being turned into films, this would be a great choice. High fantasy, magic, spunky female lead, hot mysterious male love interest, conspiracies, spying… need I say more?

The Wrong Girl (Freak House #1)

This would make such a great Victorian Gothic film in the same vein as the Jane Austin classics, but with people who can start fires with their minds…


Ugly ‘dork’ girl who never has a makeover and the hot perfect jock guy hooking up… sounds like a great contemporary teen romance flick! And it’s British! I really enjoyed the audiobook, so the film would be great as well.

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, #1)

I actually had the most wonderful dream once that this was a TV series. It was amazing. Although Paul Blackthorne was cast as Bones, it worked in my dream (only because he played Harry Dresden in the Dresden Files TV show, and obviously my dream-brain went OH URBAN FANTASY LET’S SHIP IT!) but casting Blackthorne as Bone wouldn’t work when Bones is basically a fanfiction Spike from Buffy… it was a weird dream. But very cool. It would be a great urban fantasy TV show.

The Initiate

We like brooding sexy bad boys who verge on sexually assaulting girls these days, don’t we? Yes, this novel is kind of ‘old’ (original 1985, this cover is from a 2005 reprint), but it’s a great high fantasy that would make the best TV show ever, if they cast the right guy as brooding, tall, dark Tarod.

Sabriel (Abhorsen, #1)

OH MY GOD JUST DO IT. Australia has a great history of making amazing YA fantasy TV shows. This would blow all of them out of the water.


Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1)

I KNOW. I know. They are already making a film. But I just want it to be good. That’s all I’m asking. The teaser trailer hasn’t convinced me yet, and all the fans seem to care about is ‘the lust charm scene’ which goes to prove that sex sells. It won’t be as good as in your head, people!

Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1)

Graceling has been optioned for a film. OMGFLAIL! But seriously, I can’t think of a high fantasy more deserving. I just want it to be perfect!


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17 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Would Love To See As A Movie/TV Show (49)

    1. Nemo

      The Wrong Girl is a brilliant indie novel set in Victorian times with a supernatural twist. It’s one of my favourite books of all time. I just adore it.

    1. Nemo

      I’m a bit hesitant about VA since seeing the trailer. There are quite a few things I am not impressed about. but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because I love the books so much!

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