Let’s Talk: Future Cover Trend Wishlist (36)

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This week’s topic:

What cover trend would you like to see continued in the coming year? Is there anything you hope is discontinued in 2014?

I am a huge fan of the pretty white girl in a prom dress covers, but they are a dime a dozen these days. What I really like now is the underwater shots, seen in books like Imaginary Girls, Wake, Of Poseidon, and in new book Captivate.

underwater covers

I think there’s something so magical about underwater shots. I’ve always loved them. I think my earliest memory of truly beautiful underwater shots was used in the Evanescence music video Going Under:

As for what I’ve had enough of?

Sex on covers.

Images of faceless hot bodies, images of couples almost kissing or kissing, images of couples half naked or artfully naked and about to have sex… I’ve had enough. They are beautiful covers hiding shittastic books and people love those covers then can’t tell that they’re being scammed by a shittily written story. They only care about the hot body and that’s why those covers hide the faces, because if you show the model’s face then that’ll wreck whatever illusion these people are under. Those covers use sex to sell and I’m sick of it, I’m sick of seeing them, I’m sick of them. New Adult covers can all go screw themselves, the majority of books are shittily written and star abusive men being dicks to self-inserted girls and the girls loving it. I’m not even going to put examples of the covers because they make me so ragetastic.


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8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Future Cover Trend Wishlist (36)

  1. whitleybirks

    The cover on Of Poseidon is eerily beautiful. It looks like it should be a gothic horror book. A gothic horror….mermaid?

    I’m not a fan of people about to have sex on covers even WITH their heads. On the other hand, it really does give us fair warning what the book will be focused on, I guess. Makes ’em easy to avoid.

    1. Nemo

      I don’t know if it’s Gothic, as I’ve never read it, although I do want to.

      And yeah, you’re right about the books to avoid! However I’ve read some good ones with no heads.

  2. Charlee

    What I would like to see the end of is reuse of stock photography. It is always disturbing to see the same photo over again (even slightly changed) on another new book. Always makes me thing…Is this the same book, something in a series? Confusing.

    1. Nemo

      I doubt that’s going to end. Stock photography is there for a reason. Unless you’re lucky to get a completely custom-made cover like Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Gardens trilogy, stock is the next best thing.

    1. Nemo

      LOL at least with the PDA covers you know the romance is going to be (or should be!0 the focus and can avoid them! Romances are selling so well in YA/NA that EVERYTHING seems to have romance in it nowadays.

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