30 Day Animorphs Challenge: Day 6

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Welcome to the Moonlight Library’s 30 Day Animorphs Challenge!
Despite Project Animorphs in 2013, I clearly do not talk about Animorphs enough.
This particular challenge is taken from the Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges archive on Tumblr.

Day 6: What is your opinion on the addition of the Auxiliary Animorphs?

The Ultimate (Animorphs, #50)I really liked the concept of the Auxiliary Animorphs. I thought they were a great and well-needed addition to the team. I wish they had been introduced sooner, because they didn’t get much book time before they were all murdered.


I always had issues with James being Jake’s lieutenant, though. James, I know, was meant to juxtapose David, because they both chose African male lions as their battle morphs. But James was infinitely more well-adjusted than David and already a leader. What I had issue with was James being in command of this group of seventeen vs Jake’s group of six. Below James he had two lieutenants of his own commanding smaller groups. Splitting into four small guerrilla groups is a great idea, I just never liked the idea of someone so inexperienced commanding an army bigger than Jake’s. I would have thought Marco or Rachel, by now, would make excellent lieutenants, especially after Rachel learned her lesson with her failed leadership book. Marco had proven he’s an excellent leader of small groups in the Tobias-Ax-Marco dream team.

The Answer (Animorphs, #53) On the other hand, I suppose they weren’t battling in the book, they were the subtle team with finesse infiltrating for information. I guess I don’t really know how Marco would behave given leadership in a bloody fight to the death.

And I know that simply handing leadership over to those two wouldn’t happen anyway, because James’ people knew him, but I can’t help but feel the six kinda got overshadowed by the new recruits. I know the experienced team tried to bring James along on some missions to let him get more experience, but the situation was too desperate. Everything was a mess right at that moment. They didn’t have time to train up a leader.

But yeah, I liked the new recruits and I thought they were all amazing.



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