30 Day Animorphs Challenge: Day 7

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Welcome to the Moonlight Library’s 30 Day Animorphs Challenge!
Despite Project Animorphs in 2013, I clearly do not talk about Animorphs enough.
This particular challenge is taken from the Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges archive on Tumblr.

Day 7: Who was the better leader, Visser One or Visser Three?

Animorphs: Visser (Animorphs Chronicles, #3)There’s two parts to this answers. The first part is that Visser One was a better leader for the Yeerks, more compentent, a military genius and overall a hostile threat to anyone she crossed.

But the other part is that Visser Three was a better opponent for the Animorphs because when they fought him they survived. They didn’t always win and often came away injured, but they survived, and that’s the important thing.

So I’d say Visser One was the better leader, but I’d prefer the Animorphs to face off against Visser Three any day because they chance of survival is greater.


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