Musing By Moonlight: Cutting back on blogging

musing by moonlight

Welcome to my new series of posts Musing by Moonlight, where I take the opportunity to get off my chest anything and everything to do with books.
Or maybe not.
Depends how I feel.

Cutting back on blogging

After eighteen months of posting at least five times a week and sometimes seven, I’m making a change on the blog to only post when I can.

The reason for this is because I’m getting married later this year and as such I have much less time to read, which means less time to blog as well.

I love my blog but posting 7 days a week is exhausting. I am normally on top of my schedule and schedule posts up to two weeks in advance, but I’ve reached today and seen a long line of posts I’m yet to write and all I can think is, “Bugger it.”

Blogging is not an obligation or a job, it’s a hobby.

I’ll still be doing Waiting on Wednesday because let’s face it, I’ll never run out of books I want to read. Top Ten Tuesday will probably still be fairly regular as it’s one of my favourite memes, unless it’s a topic I don’t care for. The 30 Day Animorphs Challenge will still post on Thursdays, and 30 Day Book Challenge is still active and will be posted sporadically. I still want to promote books even if I can’t review every week.

But if I miss a day (or two) I’m not going to beat myself up. You might get two posts a week, you might get seven. I’m going to force myself to be OK with that. I simply don’t have the time to worry.

One of the reasons I posted so often was to prove to publishers I was worth investing in for ARCs, and it’s reached a point where I’m overwhelmed with books to read so I don’t exactly need any help from publishers now.

With over 1500 followers on all platforms all I can say is thank you for your loyalty and support and I don’t want to let you down.


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4 thoughts on “Musing By Moonlight: Cutting back on blogging

    1. Nemo

      Thank you so much – no, not leaving forever, but I will have to take more time off closer to the date. I don’t know how other solo bloggers will full time jobs manage to keep blogging seven days a week when something huge like this is coming up, it’s just beyond my capabilities ATM.

  1. Jessie

    Yeah!!! Congrates on getting married! That is sooo great. Take care of the world outside before you think about your blog. Good luck! I’ll still check in a couple of times a week (all I have time for anyway!)

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