Super Six Sunday: Books That I’m Excited To See Turned Into Movies in 2014 (7)

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Super 6 Books That I’m Excited To See Turned Into Movies in 2014

Seriously guys, Hiccup got Neville Longbottomed!
Ugh, tacky poster is tacky.
Totally against Tris having as ass and boobs shot while Four gets to be all ‘hey, I’m the lead in this film’ but actually looking forward to it.



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7 thoughts on “Super Six Sunday: Books That I’m Excited To See Turned Into Movies in 2014 (7)

      1. bookpolygamist

        Do you normally read the book first then see the movie, or vice versa? The book is fantastic and since it’s aimed at older children/young adults it’s a very quick read – when I revisited it as an adult I read it in one afternoon I think.

        1. Nemo

          I don’t mind which. I majored in page to screen adaptations at university so I often like to see the film first, read the book then watch the film again. I don’t mind reading the book, though, it’s often a matter of time – books take longer to devour than films.

          1. bookpolygamist

            That sounds like a great major! I’m sure there will be a heap of copies out after the film so you could easily do film-book-film 🙂 As long as you don’t mind movie tie-in book covers 😛 (I personally can’t stand them unless I really enjoyed the movie)

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