Cruel to be kind: Why refusing to write “negative” reviews is not a virtue

ThreeRs has done it again, beautifully, eloquently… a must read for any reviewer and anyone ever accused of being ‘mean’.


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A lover of kittens and all things sparkly, Nemo has a degree in English Literature and specialises in reviewing contemporary, paranormal, mystery/thriller, historical, sci-fi and fantasy Young Adult fiction. She is especially drawn to novels about princesses, strong female friendships, magical powers, and assassins.

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2 thoughts on “Cruel to be kind: Why refusing to write “negative” reviews is not a virtue

  1. chucklesthescot

    Great post you have shared with us. I’m a great believer in being honest about what I’ve read. whether it is 5* or 1*, even if I know the authors. My reputation among friends is for honesty and I don’t intend to change that. If I feel I’ve been misled about genre, that the book isn’t presented well etc, I will tell others so they can make informed choices about the book.

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