30 Day Animorphs Challenge: Day 18

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Welcome to the Moonlight Library’s 30 Day Animorphs Challenge!
Despite Project Animorphs in 2013, I clearly do not talk about Animorphs enough.
This particular challenge is taken from the Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges archive on Tumblr.

Day 18: Funny Aneurysm Moment.

Animorphs 37 The Weakness.jpgFirst I had to look up what ‘Funny Aneurysm’ meant. I guess I’m not that hip with the meme crowd. Then I really struggled to think of any, even though I re-read the series last year.

I guess the biggest one that stands out to me is in Book #37: The Weakness, when Rachel, who’s the temporary leader in Jake’s absence, proposes a dangerous, reckless mission to rescue Cassie from the Yeerk Pool.

Ax responds by saying: It would be suicidal. I cannot imagine Prince Jake approving of such an action.

And of course, Rachel’s final act is a suicide mission ordered and sanctioned by Jake. Jake’s final act is a kamikaze move to ram the ship named after Rachel into their newest enemy.



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