Project Everworld: Book #6 Fear the Fantastic

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Fear the Fantastic (Everworld, #6)

Book 6: Fear the Fantastic
Publishing Date: September 2000
Narrator: Christopher

My rating:2 of 5 hearts

Christopher and the gang are sent off on their second ever quest: to deliver Dionysus, god of a good time, and his companion Ganymede, a man so beautiful he makes straight guys question himself, to Zeus on Olympus. Only problem is to get to Olympus they have to pass through Ka Anor, the go eater’s territory.

It took me several weeks to read this book. I fell terribly sick and all I wanted to do was sleep, so if I wanted to get to sleep I’d read a fee pages of this and soon I’d be snoring. It was a BORING book. The descriptions were amazing and marvellous, and world building intense and understandable, but the characters are still only reacting to their surroundings, and most of those reactions seem to be filler or word padding until we get to what’s supposed to be an interesting part.

But the  most interesting part in the book was when Christopher fell asleep and had to go and deal with real-life shit, like being threatened by a Nazi supremacist for not joining their little cult! Even Christopher thinks it’s ridiculous how his EverWorld life is so dangerous and on edge and every moment is a threat, but he still has to deal with shit in the real world.

Christopher’s unlikeable, but at least he recognises his own prejudices. I think he grows by the end of the novel because he has to deal with his own homosexual feelings towards Ganymede, who risks his own immortal life to save Christopher’s, and then Christopher is unable to reciprocate. It really beats Christopher up and he takes it hard that he owed his life to someone and then just let him die.

I never really got the feeling they wouldn’t achieve their quest, which was to deliver Dionysus to Zeus, and I’m glad that for once they got a soft bed and all they could eat and to rest and recover. The next book is April’s, who’s my favourite narrator, so despite how much I didn’t enjoy this book I’m still looking forward to hers.


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