30 Day Animorphs Challenge: Day 27

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Welcome to the Moonlight Library’s 30 Day Animorphs Challenge!
Despite Project Animorphs in 2013, I clearly do not talk about Animorphs enough.
This particular challenge is taken from the Heck Yeah Tumblr Challenges archive on Tumblr.

Day 27: Helmacrons, lords of the galaxy!>

The Suspicion coverThe Journey coverI fucking hate the Helmacrons. I really do. I can’t stand them. I want to squish them all under my feet. What a disgusting race of sentient nobodies.

The only redeeming part of that novel was when Marco ‘grovelled’ and kept making sex jokes to Cassie.

Oh and probably when Visser Three decided to make an alliance with the Animorphs to defeat the Helmacrons. When the Visser considers someone other than the Animorphs the enemy of his enemy (is his friend), you know it’s really bad.

I hate that they kept coming back and I hate how easily they found that stupid morphing cube. It was all just stupid. But then I’ve never really been a fan of shrinking storylines.



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