Cover Reveal: Ghost Girl by CJ Archer

As you know (or should know if you’re a new follower, hi! *waves madly) I’m a big fan of indie author CJ Archer’s (YA historical PNR) Freak House series, starting with the original Emily Chambers Spirit Medium trilogy (the first book, The Medium, is free on Amazon), then spinning off to the 1st Freak House Series (the first book, The Wrong Girl, is free on Amazon), the 2nd Freak House Series, and the upcoming 3rd Freak House series.

Today CJ revealed the cover to Ghost Girl, Book #1 in the 3rd Freak House series, and I’m so in love with it!

3 Freak House 1 Ghost Girl

It’s absolutely beautiful. It might just well be my favourite cover from 2014! And it goes nicely with the other covers in the series as well:

Freak House collageBut not only does this series all have amazing gorgeous covers, they’re diverse as well! Emily (from the Spirit Medium trilogy) and Cara (from Ghost Girl) aren’t white, and it’s so nice to see that diversity reflected in the covers.

Plus, the insides are just as beautiful as the packaging!


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