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I absolutely love PJ Hogan’s 2003 film version of JM Barry’s Peter Pan. It’s pretty much flawless, in my opinion.

peter pan film

I’m not a huge fan of the book, but that’s probably because it was written over a hundred years ago and I’m not too keen on the representation of women or Native Americans in both the book and the horrible Disney version.

Peter Pan

But I am a big Hugh Jackman fan (he’s playing Blackbeard, not Hook), and with Pan being a prequel to the JM Barrie Peter Pan story, this trailer made me totally excited to go see it.

I love fantasy like this, and this looks to me like it could be quite good. OK, it looks a bit like Oliver Twist and then the boys get kidnapped by clown pirates but I’m sure it makes sense. What makes less sense is the white-washing of Princess Tiger Lily… but I’m sure the film redeems itself somehow.

Is anyone else excited for Pan?
How do you feel about a Peter Pan origin story?


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