My Favourite Romance Books (20)

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Day 20: Favourite romance book

My biggest problem with this day is that I don’t read romances, and I don’t actually have a favourite ‘romance book’. I do have lots of favourites, and some of those have romances in them, so instead, I’m listing some of the better romances I’ve found in my favourite books.

favourite romance



The Wrong Girl

Poison Study


Grave Mercy

The Athena Effect



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4 thoughts on “My Favourite Romance Books (20)

  1. Samantha

    I loved the romance in Poison Study as well. I’m a little worried about what Snyder is going to do with those two characters now that she’s slotted to release at least two more books featuring them though.

  2. Sarah @ Sarah Can't Stop Reading

    I also don’t read romances, but I recently made a separate bookshelf on Goodreads for the novels whose love stories I love. Sometimes I’m just in the mood to re-read my favorites, so that’s how I’m keeping track. And Grave Mercy is totally on that bookshelf 🙂

    Sarah @ Sarah Can't Stop Reading recently posted: 2015 Challenges
    1. Nemo

      I have a book boyfriends shelf, which is abysmally small, because I can read and appreciate a romance without swooning over the guy. But I don’t have a shelf for romances I particularly enjoyed. Maybe I should add one. Thanks for that tip!

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