I will do these authors the honour of not reviewing their books anymore.

Thanks to Tez for collecting all the info before it was deleted.

These authors were on my to-read list until they supported making fun of reviewers and reviewers’ opinions on books (because reviewers are stupid and don’t ‘get’ my genius hurr hurr hurr).

I don’t want them making fun of me (as opposed to my review?), so I personally won’t be reviewing their books anymore just in case I accidentally fall into one of the bingo squares, which Howdy YAL so ingeniously dissects and asks ‘what exactly is wrong with it?’

Interestingly enough, some authors involved were already on my do-not-read list.

Look, authors, I get it. You absolutely despise reviewers who don’t kiss your butt. Who have the audacity to bring all of their own life experiences into interpreting your book in a different way than what you intended. Who dare to use reviewing as a form of self-entertainment. Who dare to criticise in a way you don’t find helpful.

But really, reviewers don’t owe authors anything.

Thanks for reminding me of that.


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14 thoughts on “I will do these authors the honour of not reviewing their books anymore.

  1. Meghan

    Well done. Thanks for bringing more of the story to my attention. Unfortunately, I own books by some of these authors too, but fortunately, they were gifted to me, so I didn’t actually pay for them. I at least know to move them waaaaaaaaayyyy down on my TBR.

    Great post 🙂

    Meghan recently posted: AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Katie Stephens
  2. Eilonwy

    This whole adversarial relationship between authors and Goodreads reviewers makes me so sad.

    I both write and read. So as an (unpublished) author, I can understand the desire for everyone to love my book and think it’s perfect. But you know what? Even I can see that the book I’m revising right now is not perfect — and it’s not going to be. As a reader, I can see stuff I’d call myself out for in a review.

    It bothers me that the message on this Bingo card is “readers are not allowed to have their own experience of a novel.” None of us can control someone else’s perceptions. And a less-than-glowing review on Goodreads has never stopped me from reading a book I think I’d like, so I have to assume that’s true for other people.

    Remind me not to look at any reviews if I get published. 🙂

    1. Nemo

      It’s a very subtle message than an author can play dumb at and pretend doesn’t exist, but it’s a message nonetheless. And its intimidating as well.

      1. Meghan

        I can understand how getting a bad review may be awful, and I can understand that some reviewers are mean just because they can, but acting as if all of us are idiots who do this stuff undermines what we do, especially when they are taking all reviewers and all book bloggers and putting us all into one giant pile. It’s funny, they complain about us, but they sure do NEED us when they want to do blog tours and get more people to review their books. Instead of complaining so much and blaming us for “not getting” their book, maybe they should actually try READING the reviews and looking at the things we point out. Then they could use the constructive criticism (that most of us give) and make their book good. It’s sad because I began at Goodreads because I loved the interaction I could have with fellow readers AND with authors and fortunately I have been lucky enough to meet some really awesome authors (and have not been noticed by the bad), but the drama and anger their and at BookLikes makes me stay away. And that’s sad – that these, what, 2% of badly behaving people (on both sides) can make me stay away from two places I have loved since I joined them.

        Meghan recently posted: AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Katie Stephens
  3. Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such

    Whoa! That bingo card was incredibly insulting to all readers/reviewers out there! And somehow none of the authors thought that we would see their comments? Are they that self-absorbed and living in La-La-I’m-An-Author-Land? You’d think that someone would have given them a heads up that they were insulting their customers! I’m really surprised at this type of behavior.

    Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such recently posted: January Wrap Up
    1. Nemo

      I have no idea what those authors were thinking, including the ones who contributed and the ones who laughed afterwards.

      1. Meghan

        One of them pointed out that the only reason it was getting such a big hullabaloo was because “those bloggers” have to go and spread things all over the place. She may not have put it out for bloggers and reviewers to see, but putting it on her author twitter account, she put it out there for ALL of her readers (and potential readers) to see. What I found funny was that she let everyone argue it out while she, apparently, went back to work.

        Meghan recently posted: AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Katie Stephens
        1. Nemo

          I feel like it was made specifically to bait reviewers – ‘Look how evil reviewers are, and look, they’re going to jump all over this, too! I’m surprised it took so long, after all, aren’t I being stalked by the EBIL REVIEWERS?”

  4. Rochelle Sharpe

    If this was just meant to be a joke, why would she spend so much time on it? I am deeply saddened by this. It was unnecessary and a bad move on her part. Why attack the people who help get your book out there? Even bad reviews can make people read your book. Readers aren’t dumb, they will still read a book even if it has bad reviews. I just really can’t believe this happened.

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