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How I use Goodreads to organise my TBR books

I have this really strict chaotically organised way of figuring out exactly how I’m going to get my hands on books that I add to my to-reads list on Goodreads.

It goes like this:

  1.  Add to to-read list.
  2. Later, when I get some time to go hunting, I check if the book is in my state library system. If it is, great! Change it to the exclusive shelf titled to-read-library, or any of the other library exclusives. I’ve got separate shelves for audio books and ebooks as well.
  3. Check if it’s available on Kindle for a decent price – ie the digital version is not similarly priced to the paperback copy. If it’s substantially different, great! Change it to the exclusive shelf titled to-buy-kindle.
  4. Check the free shipping online book shops The Book Depository and Good Books International. If it’s available there, add it to the right exclusive shelf.
  5. Check Amazon and Bookworld. If it’s available there but nowhere else, add it to one of those exclusive shelves.
    • Bookworld has a flat rate delivery fee of about $5, so I wait until I have a haul of books I want.
    • I tend not to buy paperbacks from Amazon, because they don’t have an Australian warehouse, and shipping is $5 per shipment PLUS $5.50 per item. So I’d only buy from there as a last resort.
    • Incidentally, there are a couple of other online bookshops I could look at, including Fishpond, but I haven’t bothered yet.
  1. If I can’t find it anywhere but I am really keen to own it, I add it to my ‘requires treasure hunt’
  2. If I can’t find it anywhere and I’m not keen to own it, I add it to my ‘to-read-one-day’ shelf.
  3. Once I do track a book down and it’s in my possession, I add it to my ‘to read own’


  1. Click on ‘My Books’
  2. Click on the edit button next to ‘bookshelves’ on the top left corner.
  3. Add a shelf – in this example ‘to-read-library’
  4. Click on the ‘exclusive’ radio button to create an exclusive shelf.
  5. Acknowledge that any books will be shifted over.

Viola! You now have more than just a read, currently reading and to-read shelf!

 Do you have a system for tracking down books you want to read? Or do you just ‘wing it’?


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    1. Nemo

      I’ve always been organised. I love making lists, so I love that Goodreads allows me to make so many custom ones.

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