The Book I’ve Been Putting Off Reading (23)

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Day 23: A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t

Storm Siren by Mary Weber

storm siren

I’m so sorry. I want to love this book SO MUCH. I am so scared that I won’t simply adore it, and then my life will be ruined.


Because despite all the good reviews, I’ve never much been one to follow hype, and YA high fantasy is my home genre. Nym would be my homegirl. I want so badly to love her. And this whole book speaks straight to my soul…

but the blurb doesn’t actually give much away, and I’m so afraid it will go in a direction I don’t want it to go in…

But most of all, I’m aware of once I start reading, I’ll eventually finish this book, and I don’t want that to happen!


And to top it off, Mary signed and sent me this book herself as thanks for early promotion, so I feel really guilty that I haven’t read it yet!


emotionally crippled

What about you? Which book have you been putting off reading? Which book have you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t?


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5 thoughts on “The Book I’ve Been Putting Off Reading (23)

  1. Sara Letourneau

    I thought Storm Siren was pretty good! Had a couple criticisms, but it was a fun read. So I say you should dive in.

    *lol* There’s a reason why blurbs don’t give away too much. They want to hook you in, so you WILL read the book. 😉

    Sara Letourneau recently posted: Time Flies!: February 2015
    1. Nemo

      Yeah, luckily I just snagged the ARC of Siren’s Fury so I’ll be able to read one right after the after. I think I might plan to do it in April or so.

  2. Renee Bookboyfriends

    omg okay I still have not read Corruption by Jessica Shirvington because….I wanted to re-read Disruption but my friend had it for 8 MONTHS!!! (we didn’t see each other all through then though so exceptions here…)
    And same with the last Heroes of Olympus books because THEN IT’LL BE OVER AND WHAT WILL I FLAIL AND THEORISE OVER???
    also, I am going to struggle A LOT reading The Raven King BECAUSE IT’LL BE THE LAST BOOK IN THE RAVEN CYCLE SERIES!!! *cries already*
    Thanks for the post AND GOOD LUCK FOR READING IT SOON!!! 😀 😛

    Renee Bookboyfriends recently posted: Photo
    1. Nemo

      I know exactly how you feel about book series coming to a close – that’s why I’ve also put off the last Bloodlines book, but that was only just released and Storm Siren was released in August last year!

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