The Book Character I Most Relate To (25)

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Day 25: A character who you can relate to the most

I relate most to Richelle Mead’s main character of the Vampire Academy spinoff Bloodlines:

Sydney Sage

Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1)Sydney is an Alchemist, a human with a magical tattoo who knows about vampires and helps to clean up vampire-dhampir messes and generally keep the human populace safe and ignorant about the fact these supernatural creatures with magical powers roam the world freely.

The reason I can relate to Sydney is because she’s a very introverted, intelligent person. After reading about brash, mouthy Rose’s punch-first-ask-questions-later attitude in Vampire Academy, I found Sydney to be quiet and smart and somewhat ignorant of boys, which I was too as a teenager. She’s uptight – though not as much as she thinks – and worries about the way she looks. She thinks things through and analyses a lot to work things out. She’s stiff and has a hard shell to crack, but she’s loyal to her ‘family’ and she takes her job seriously. There’s a lot of responsibility on her eighteen year old shoulders.

I remember some criticism from Bloodlines was that Sydney was dumb and naive not to know when boys were hitting on her. I can safely say that in my life I’ve maybe been hit on by a number of guys that I can count on one hand. That I know of. See, like Sydney I’m oblivious to that kind of thing. The number of guys who hit on me in my lifetime is probably higher than that – god I hope so – but it wasn’t a priority for Sydney nor myself to notice.

I’m also the carer for a husband with a mental illness and although he’s not self-destructive that is another point with Sydney that we have in common and I can relate to.

I imagine if I was thrust into the supernatural world like Sydney I’d react much in the same way.

Except I wouldn’t fall for Adrian, because I don’t really go for the pretty guys.

What about you? Which book character do you most relate to?



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2 thoughts on “The Book Character I Most Relate To (25)

  1. Romi

    Oh, what a fun meme! I really love it when you read about a character and feel yourself within them. It is such a nice feeling! For me it happened in A Wrinkle in Time, with the protagonist Meg Murray. She and I are very much alike, with similar thought processes, weaknesses and fierce love for those we care about. I read about here and am like “yes, I understand you. I’d do that too” and it’s so, so amazing to have that in a book- especially one that was published before I was born! Maybe I was modeled on Meg Murray for the first 18 years of my life where I’d never met her! Xx

    Romi recently posted: Nightbird by Alice Hoffman.
    1. Nemo

      That’s so cool that you’ve found a character just like you, and so long before you were born! Bloodlines was published when I was already an adult, but as it went on I saw more and more of myself/my situation in Sydney’s.

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