Page to Screen: Tomorrow When The War Began TV Show In The Works


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 Tomorrow When The War Began Casting for TV Series

I know this is supposed to be about film adaptations, but I’m so excited I had to help spread the news!

Tomorrow When The War Began, my favourite Australian film and the current book series I’m basing my 2015 reading project on, is getting a 6 part TV series!

Now this is one YA adaptation I can fully get behind!

Here’s hoping that once the first book is complete they’ll move on to the rest, because it’s an amazing story about capable Aussie teenagers that translates so well even twenty years after it was written.

time to go to war


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4 thoughts on “Page to Screen: Tomorrow When The War Began TV Show In The Works

    1. Nemo

      Yeah I hope it’s totally awesome! They can go so much deeper than in an hour and a half film.

    1. Nemo

      Here’s hoping! Australia used to be REALLY good at doing Young Adult TV shows in the 90s and 2000s… not quite sure what happened. Less money in the budget perhaps.

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