July Wrap Up

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I finished my astrobiology short course! I am now an amateur astrobiologist. I ended up with a grade of 89%, a distinction, which I’m kind of annoyed about, because that’s only one percent off 90%, which is a high distinction. I mean, I’m still happy with a high grade but it’s annoying when I worked so hard and only ended up with a one point difference between a distinction and a high distinction! Especially when some of the exam questions were outdated.

However, that’s kind of the story of my life. I kind of just miss out on things by a little bit.

My husband is doing A LOT better in terms of his mental health. (If you’re new here, HI! My husband was diagnosed with sever depression, anxiety and PTSD earlier this year.) Well, there was this one point I thought I would have to take him to the hospital because he fell off the wagon (figuratively) and cut himself (literally), but he promised me he was getting better, and he is. It’s a hard battle. He REALLY doesn’t want to go to hospital but I think it would give me some time to decompress, too, and not have to worry about him, even for a short time. If he doesn’t text back fast enough I fear his mood has dropped, he’s forgotten to tell me, and has taken to hurting himself. It’s a pretty terrifying way to live, and I’m not sure how much more of it I can take before I crack, to be honest.

You know how last month he got a tummy bug that had him sick off work for a week, then he needed emergency surgery on a wisdom tooth, then he got the flu, and then he sprained his ankle? This month tops it all. He was bitten by a spider. Luckily a non-lethal one, but a poisonous one all the same. He’s OK – just a bit of muscle ache in the affected area for a few days.

We had our one year wedding anniversary this month but because we had no money to go and do something nice we just got a takeaway Indian from our favourite Indian restaurant, who have raised their prices and no longer deliver, and enjoyed a nice meal together.

In other news MY BROTHER IS COMING HOME TOMORROW. He’s been living in Japan for four years and I’ve seen him twice in that time. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Monthly Wrap Up

Book Reviews:

I’ve had an average month for reading. Some books I’ve enjoyed but weren’t magical, and some were decidedly less so. Also, I’ve skipped this month’s Project Tomorrow because I ran out of time. I’ll pick it back up with Book #7 in August.

royal weddingHold the Bridge_CVRnakedwitch hunter

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Films/TV I Watched

I didn’t watch a whole heap of films this month as I became kind of obsessed with Pokemon Rumble World on my Nintendo DS… so I spent a lot of time trying to catch toy Pokemon and not a lot of time watching TV.

  • Tangled
  • Frozen
  • Caught up on Teen Wolf, waiting for season 5.
  • Started The Vampire Diaries
  • Started Parks and Recreation

Monthly Highlights

It’s the Moonlight Library’s three year anniversary! Who’d have thunk I’d have lasted three years blogging regularly through changing jobs, getting married, moving to self-hosting, studying and caring for a suicidal husband.


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