Nemo’s Brother Watches Harry Potter For The First Time


As I mentioned in my July monthly wrap up, my brother’s been living in Japan for the last four years and moved back home last week. This week he invited my husband and I to dinner and requested that we bring our copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone film to watch. He explained that as a teacher in Japan, he wanted to do something unique, special, and obviously in English for his students on his final day, so he decided to show them a film in English. However, the only film in English he could find was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. So he ended up watching the first hour four times, and had so many questions because he’s never seen any of the films or read any of the books.

I said I would be happy to answer any questions during Philosopher’s Stone so long as I could write them down and share them on my blog.


Nemo’s Brother Watches Harry Potter For The First Time

What’s the Dursleys relation to Harry?

Aunt Petunia is Harry’s mother Lily’s sister.

Is it clear why Hagrid had the baby?

Not really, no. Unless you mean that Harry’s parents have been murdered, but I don’t remember how Harry ended up with Hagrid.

Why do they hate Harry?

It’s complicated. The Dursleys are anti-magic and they resent taking in James and Lily’s odd little child. They hated James and hate that Harry looks so much like him. Also Petunia is resentful that Lily was a witch and she wasn’t.

So the mother is a witch but the aunt is not?

That’s correct.

(In Diagon Alley): Are they  still in London?

Technically, yes. It’s not like entering a portal like in Narnia. The wizarding world exists alongside the real world. It’s just hidden.

What are they?


It’s like a personification of the Jew.

I’m not sure you can say that.

Is Hagrid a giant?

He’s a half-giant.

How did they make him, it’s like crossing a Great Dane with a chihuahua.

Hagrid’s father was human and his mother was a giantess.

What’s the deal with the houses? Are there strict characteristics?

Gryffindor is for the brave, Ravenclaw is for the smart, Slytherin is for the ambitious and Hufflepuff is everyone else.

(my husband added that Hufflepuff is the stoner house, which then became a recurring joke)

How long do they spend at Hogwarts?

Seven years.

(my husband, who’s British,  added that it’s like sixth form, which doesn’t help because I’m Australian and I still don’t understand the British schooling system.)

Why does McGonagall like that cat form so much?

I think she’s an Animagus? They can only choose one form and the cat is hers.

What is the relationship between Snape and Malfoy?

Malfoy’s dad was a Death Eater and so was Snape, and Snape’s head of Slytherin House and Malfoy’s like the darling of Slytherin.

(referring to his showing of Chamber of Secrets) Every time Watson came onscreen, the Japanese girls would all whisper ‘kawaii’ to each other. (Kawaii means ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’)

That’s adorable.

Is quidditch mixed?

Yes, I think all three of Gryffindor’s Chasers this year are female, and Slytherin has at least one girl on the team, but next year I think they’re all boys. And Ginny grows up to play for the Holyhead Harpies, but I’m not sure if that’s an all-female team or not.

Is Snape really jinxing Harry?

No, Quirrel’s jinxing him. Snape’s trying to save him.

What is the difference between Filch and Hagrid’s job?

Filch is the castle caretaker, so he works inside. Hagrid is the groundskeeper, so he works outside.

What’s Filch’s deal? Why does he hate the kids?

He’s a squib, which is a non-magical person born of two Muggles magical people. EDIT: (Originally I wrote down the wrong answer, though I did tell my brother the right answer at the time.)

Why does he work in the castle? What if something happens and he needs magic to fix it?

Dumbledore is very kind and probably gave Filch the job. And Filch is always running off to find a teacher.

What will happen to Filch when he dies? Will he get a muggle funeral?

I don’t really know. I guess Hogwarts will bury him.

What kind of detention is this, it’s forbidden to be out of bed at night time!

Yeah, and it’s forbidden to enter to Forbidden Forest, but we just let that one slide.

Why does Hagrid call Draco by his surname but calls Harry by his first name?

My husband answered that in England, it’s common to call someone you don’t like by their surname.

(To Quirrel) you’re gonna fail at strangling a child?

Of course, he’s the bad guy and he’s just finished monologueing.

How did he own that dude with his hands?

Dumbledore will explain that in a second (Lily’s love saved him).

Kenneth Brannagh is the new douchebag, right?

Yes, that’s right.



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4 thoughts on “Nemo’s Brother Watches Harry Potter For The First Time

  1. Karen

    ok you have been caught – lol

    a squib is a non-magical child of two wizards not 2 muggles – as muggles are the non-magical community – a mugblood is a magical child of 2 muggles


    sorry – had to be done lol

    1. Nemo

      No, you’re right, you got me. I DID tell him the correct answer at the time, but in writing it down here I wasn’t concentrating as hard as I should have been to report it correctly. I’ll change it now. Thanks for catching that.

  2. The Husband

    Well seeing as you did it….

    You must mean mudblood. A mugblood, I can only assume, is some one born of two magical hot chocolates.

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