Buy Borrow Burn (5)


Welcome to the Moonlight Library’s new original feature, Buy Borrow Burn.
It’s a fun game based on Snog Marry Avoid/Marry Kiss Kill.
If we had unlimited funds, which cover would be the one we’d buy*, borrow, or burn**?
*This is completely subjective and my favourite cover may not be yours.
**In no way do we wish to insult anyone and no, we wouldn’t actually ‘burn’ the book, this is completely hypothetical.

Let me know which book cover you’d Buy Borrow or Burn!

This week’s book covers:

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
by JK Rowling


Harry Potter and the order of phoenix

Scholastic 2013

I love the use of colour and the dreamy-looking clouds. The thestrals are a strong recurring motif in this particular series of covers, and out of all of them, this one’s my favourite.



Scholastic 2004

As much as I love this edition, I just can’t get over how unreadable the font is. “Harry Potter and the what?”



Finnish edition

Harry looks just awful and Mad-Eye Moody looks absolutely ridiculous, and they actually put James teasing Snape on the cover which I think is a really bad idea, and I can’t even begin to try to work out who the girl is because it’s obviously not Hermione, Ginny, Luna or Lily. Wrong hair for all of them.

Honourable mention

Harry Potter och Fenixorden (Harry Potter, #5)

Swedish edition

Isn’t this just so badass?

Which out of these covers would you buy, borrow, and burn?


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4 thoughts on “Buy Borrow Burn (5)

  1. Karen

    ok once again we have the same answers – except i would probably buy the swedish one too – and run screaming from the bottom one yeeling “KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!” lol

    1. Nemo

      OMG I think you’re TOTALLY right, it TOTALLY is Umbridge. Ack, I feel foolish now. (but she really does have mad eyes)

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