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 Top Ten Five Auto-Buy Authors

Unfortunately I only have 5, as lately I have become very picky and have found authors I thought I worshiped are releasing books that simply don’t interest me.

When we first did this topic in 2013, I managed 9. That included Lauren DeStefano, who has since written a middle-grade book I’m not interested in, Cynthia Hand, whose latest YA holds no interest, Beth Revis, whose YA is hit and miss with me, and Shirley Marr, who has only released two books and if she does continue writing, may choose a subject I’m not interested in.

Out of interest, authors included in the 2013 list that are still in my 2015 list include Maria V Snyder, Kristin Cashore, and Alexandra Bracken. These guys have continued to produce books that I love the sound of.

Here’s my short list:

 Heather Dixon

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To be honest, before Illusionarium earlier this year I was a little hesitant to add Dixon, even though Entwined is my most favouritest book of all time, because I was afraid Illusionarium simply wouldn’t live up to everything I wanted it to be. I was so wrong, so therefore Dixon stays very firmly at the very top of this list until she produces a book I don’t absolutely adore and cry over just because it’s finished.

CJ Archer

ttt 18 08 15 02

I confess, I haven’t read everything on this list. CJ’s a machine and writes way too damn quickly for me to catch up on. I WILL DO IT ONE DAY when all my review books are under control. But I do own every single book here including the recently released  The Last Necromancer because it sounds so badass. Please note that this is CJ’s Young Adult fiction – I’m not particularly interested in her adult historical romances.

Kristin Cashore

ttt 18 08 15 03

Fire and Bitterblue were both incredible, much better than Graceling, and I’m pretty sure I’d snap up whatever she writes next.

Maria V Snyder

ttt 18 08 15 4

I pretty much worship everything she’s ever written. Except that middle-grade book. And I’m still yet to read the Glass series, but I will get to it one day!

Alexandra Bracken

ttt 18 08 15 05

Yet another author whose catalogue I haven’t completed. I do own The Darkest Minds trilogy and loved the first book, and I do own Brightly Woven and am looking forward to reading it, and Passenger sounds really good and I even want to read her Star Wars novel despite not being a huge Star Wars fan. So I guess Bracken qualifies, too.

Are any of my authors on your auto-buy list?


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4 thoughts on “Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

  1. Annie

    I’m so excited to read Illusionarium! I haven’t read hardly anything this year but I’m super excited for that. I liked Maria V Snyder’s Healing series but I haven’t read the third book yet. I did read the whole Poison series and the first Glass book. She’s so much fun to read 🙂

    Annie recently posted: Fairy Tale Legacy: Snow White

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