5 Bookish Group Blogs You Should Know About


If you’re thinking about starting a blog, just starting blogging, or thinking about changing how you blog, there are some great established bookish blogs out there led by veteran bloggers that I think are great examples of how to be an individual, original blog within the niche of book blogging.


cuddlebuggery banner

Run by three awesome young women with contributions from others, Cuddlebuggery from the start focused more on the relationship between author and blogger rather than book and blogger. Consequently they’re friends with a huge number of YA authors and have the coolest content when it comes to blog tours. Cuddelbuggery is a great example of an internationally-run group blog and is full of original content and immature humour. I mostly follow them for their wonderful Buzz Worthy News and Hot New Titles posts.

The Midnight Garden


Almost an antithesis to Cuddlebuggery’s in-your-face attitude, The Midnight Garden is a modest, mature YA book blog aimed at adults. Another example of how to run a group blog, the contributors often discuss books among themselves and dedicate themselves to readings of middle-grade books. One of the heavyweights of YA book reviewers.

Great Imaginations

great imaginations banner

Another great example of how to run a group blog, Great Imaginations has over time focused more exclusively on book reviews rather than discussion posts. The three ladies who frolic on the blog also run competitions/games to make reading and blogging more fun and interactive. They also host Forgotten Fridays which is a group read-along of older books.

Rabid Reads


Rabid Reads made a name for themselves reviewing exclusively werewolf fiction, and have come along in leaps and bounds in terms of success since then. Based in Canada, Rabid Reads is a great example of a niche blog within book blogging, and although it’s another group blog and they do read other paranormal books and similar genres, it really showcases what kind of success you can find focusing on one particular genre and sub-genre.

The Broke and the Bookish

tbatb banner

If you don’t already know about The Broke and the Bookish, you really should. They started the massively popular weekly meme Top Ten Tuesday, and pepper their blog with awesome hauls, reviews, and discussion posts. Another massively successful massive group blog, the contributors (9 at the moment, with lots of past people no longer posting) often split posts between themselves, essentially halving the amount of work they have to do, which is pretty clever, if you ask me.

Are there any bookish blogs out there you think are great examples of how to run a blog?


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