Buy Borrow Burn (9)


Welcome to the Moonlight Library’s new original feature, Buy Borrow Burn.
It’s a fun game based on Snog Marry Avoid/Marry Kiss Kill.
If we had unlimited funds, which cover would be the one we’d buy*, borrow, or burn**?
*This is completely subjective and my favourite cover may not be yours.
**In no way do we wish to insult anyone and no, we wouldn’t actually ‘burn’ the book, this is completely hypothetical.

Let me know which book cover you’d Buy Borrow or Burn!

This week’s book covers:

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2)
by Suzanne Collins


Catching Fire (The Second Book of The Hunger Games): Foil Edition

Scholastic foil edition

That’s right, we are going the foil edition like last week’s, because it’s freaking beautiful.



Scholastic 2011

I actually really love the simplicity and the stark contrast on this cover. The red Mockingjay really stands out and it looks fabulous next to its sister books. The text is unobtrusive and largely leads the eye to the symbol.


И вспыхнет пламя (Голодные игры, #2)

Russian edition

Why would you do this? Why would you put a kissing couple on the front of a bloody battle to the death? Katniss isn’t even sure if she loves Peeta. Do they even kiss in this novel?

Which out of these three covers would you buy, borrow, or burn?


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