Bindi Irwin Is My New Goddess


Is Anyone Surprised Bindi Won Dancing With The Stars?

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I’m just putting this right out there, this has nothing to do with books.

So Bindi Irwin and her partner Derek won Dancing With the Stars Season 21, which was totally predictable from the start because let’s face it, she’s an incredible dancer with a fantastic mentor and a famous dead father. I wasn’t particularly a fan of Bindi’s before she was on DWTS. I thought she was a weird-looking kid that was unfortunately pushed into the spotlight when her father died.

I was mistaken.

She’s a beautiful young woman who had the strength to carry on an enormous legacy in the face her father’s early death.

And she’s an AMAZING dancer.

I don’t have ‘real’ TV, so I watched all of Bindi’s dances on Youtube, and each time I was impressed and sometimes I shed a tear or two.

However, talent aside (and I do believe she was the most talented non-professional dancer in the competition), it was obvious she was going to win from the outset:

  1. She’s a beautiful seventeen year old, which not only means she’s young enough to have not learned any bad habits but easy enough to teach to move tightly and keep in control of her body. And her moves are SLICK.
  2. Her dad was really famous and really popular in the US, and they referenced him every moment they could. I understand he was, and continues to be, a huge part of her life, even after his death, but the show really milked the fact that poor Bindi was a minor with a famous dead dad. Her continued memories and grieving helped the audience remember and grieve him, too. It made them feel like they were a part of Bindi’s journey, and that emotional connection to the audience helped her.
  3. Despite this, she is so positive and full of joy!
  4. She had the best dance partner. Derek was clearly the best mentor, as evidenced in Week 5 when they all had to swap dance partners and he got Alexa and choreographed that amazing dance to Pompeii.
  5. He knew what moves Bindi could do well and they used them A LOT.
  6. She makes it look effortless and like she’s having a whole bunch of fun.
  7. She knew how to inject her personality into her dancing. Her facial expressions are THE BEST.
  8. She and Derek looked like they were lovers (I know they are not, but they LOOKED like they were) while at the same time they played up the surrogate father thing with Derek playing the role of Steve Irwin and Bindi playing the role of heartbroken little girl (remember, she’s a kid and her dad is dead, right?). The trust between them is deep. The acting showing the story through their bodies is wonderful and the trust for Derek to throw Bindi’s body around and always catch her is amazing to watch.

Some interesting stats:

  • Her lowest score was 23, which was the highest number out of all the lowest scores. Even when she’s the worst at something, she’s better than everyone else.
  • She and Derek had 8 highest-scoring dances. The couple next to them had 5.

With all of this behind her, did any of the other contestants actually stand a chance?


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