Buy Borrow Burn (14)


Welcome to the Moonlight Library’s new original feature, Buy Borrow Burn.
It’s a fun game based on Snog Marry Avoid/Marry Kiss Kill.
If we had unlimited funds, which cover would be the one we’d buy*, borrow, or burn**?
*This is completely subjective and my favourite cover may not be yours.
**In no way do we wish to insult anyone and no, we wouldn’t actually ‘burn’ the book, this is completely hypothetical.

Let me know which book cover you’d Buy Borrow or Burn!

This week’s book covers:

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy #4) by Richelle Mead



Dutch 2011 edition

I’m not sure what it is about this cover. Maybe it’s the throwback to the old fantasy novels I used to read. Maybe it’s the nice balance of series name, title, and blurb in a language I don’t understand. I just think it’s a nicely composed cover and the paleness of it is in direct contrast to what we’re meant to expect when it comes to paranormal romance (ie dark and Gothic), you know, more like the 2009 Estonian version:

Verevanne (Vampiiride Akadeemia, #4) 2.osa

What is with their eyes? Creepy. They look like they’re about to get married, naked, at a church.


Кръвно обещание (Академия за вампири, #4)

Bulgarian 2010 edition

I don’t normally go for covers with just guys on the front, since I’m primarily interested in women’s stories as told primarily by women. But I like the composition of this one the use of green, the spooky castle and the moon, the use of silhouette, which I love. I guess the dude is supposed to be Dimitri. Whatever. YMMV.


Promessa de Sangue (Academia de Vampiros, #4)

Portuguese 2011 edition

Crying blood! Because why not?

Which out of these covers would you buy, borrow, or burn?


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2 thoughts on “Buy Borrow Burn (14)

  1. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    I agree with the way you sorted these^^ The top one really is reminiscent of old classic fantasy books and that’s why I love it too! The second one works for me too because I enjoy the colours and the outline of a gothic building and raven/crow, backlit by that huge moon. But the last one is just a mess. The awkward pose, the bloody tears and the usual pretty girl in a dress. Yawn!

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