Top Ten Locations I’d Love To Visit If I Were A Doctor Who Companion

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Top Ten Locations I’d Love To Visit If I Were A Doctor Who Companion

Nemo: Here’s the brief: “Top Ten Historical Settings You Love/ Ten Historical Settings You’d Love To See or Top Futuristic Books You Love/Ten Futuristic Societies I’d Love To Read in Books — basically this week is all about the past or the future….spin it however you choose!” And basically since Doctor Who is a show that intended to teach kids about history by visiting the past, and science by visiting the future, that’s how I came up with the title.

My top five locations (if I manage to channel my inner Doctor) are:

own the place

The Elizabethan/Jacobean era purely to see Shakespeare’s plays as intended.

The Georgian era because this was the era of the Gothic revival, and the Romance movement in literature, and I feel like I could just soak it all up I I were there, and also the fashion was pretty great.

When Atlantis was in its heyday because according to Herodotus there really was an island that sank into the Atlantic and I really want to know what the heck was going on in that place, were they really technologically advanced or what?

Jesus times because as an atheist I really have to know what the heck is going on with that.

The time in the future when humans are relocating planets, whenever that is, because I want to know if the human race is going to be OK in the future.


Jurassic period – Just because of the dinosaurs, c’mon. Also, I’d hopefully be able to gawk at them from a safe distance in the TARDIS.

Ancient Egypt – First and foremost I’d love to know how the freaking pyramids were built because that continues to blow my mind on a regular basis

The year 3016 – Purely for the sake of travelling 1000 years into the future to see how things have panned out for humanity

Roaring 20’s in the USA – The way things boomed before the crash in 1929 would be so fascinating to see. People would probably be so happy too considering WW1 ended a few years before this too.

Medieval London – No idea why as I imagine it wouldn’t be very pleasant for many people at all, not to mention the plague/s, however I’ve always been deeply curious about how people lived day to day for some reason.


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A lover of kittens and all things sparkly, Nemo has a degree in English Literature and specialises in reviewing contemporary, paranormal, mystery/thriller, historical, sci-fi and fantasy Young Adult fiction. She is especially drawn to novels about princesses, strong female friendships, magical powers, and assassins.

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15 thoughts on “Top Ten Locations I’d Love To Visit If I Were A Doctor Who Companion

  1. Carrie-Anne

    Medieval London would make for so many fascinating possibilities. I’d also love to travel back to First Century Israel to see what really happened, since there’s no definitive extra-Biblical evidence to prove the existence of Jesus.

    1. Taneika

      I don’t know what it is about medieval London that interests me but it would be so incredible!
      I for one think Jesus was just the character in a popular author’s book at the time

  2. Alexandria

    Lots of these are on my list too! I went with just historical settings, but I love the futuristic ones you guys have chosen – oh, and the dinosaurs of course. What I would give to travel with the Doctor…

    And I’m with you on the Jesus times thing, especially since I’m an atheist who doesn’t believe he existed.

  3. Alahna @ The Charmed Reader

    As a (/n agnostic) Jew, I would LOVE to go to Jesus Times. And to see a Shakespeare play in all it’s glory! the 1920s are on my list because it just seems like such an exciting period to read about. Great list!

    1. Taneika

      Seeing Shakespeare in real life would just be the ultimate, or if you’re travelling with the Doctor, he would just accidentally give hints to Shakespeare about what to write about.
      The 1920’s would be incredible! Like, I get the lack of fundamental rights and all that but it still looks so much fun!

  4. Allyson

    Oh, dinosaurs are my worst fear! Right next to zombies and tornadoes. If Jurassic Park (or a zombie outbreak) were ever to happen in real life, I’d be done for. I can’t watch dinosaur movies, but I think a book with dinosaurs might toe the line of terrifying enough to be worth it 🙂

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